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Common Account Related Questions

Anthony Llewellyn
Updated 9 months ago
Sometimes we get questions about accessing your account on our sites.

This can often occur when you have purchased a service a while ago and come back to accessing a course or wanting to book a coaching service or upload a document for review.

Here are some helpful hints about accessing your services.

1. Check your original emails

When you purchase a service you will be automatically emailed instructions about accessing your account and services.  But you may have deleted these emails.

2. Check your spam folder

One thing to make sure of is that you are ensuring that any emails from are not making their way into your spam folder.

3. We have separate sites

We operate Advancemed across a number of subdomains.  The main reason for this is to help with the performance of our sites to ensure that you can for e.g. access our courses easily and that these load quickly on your device.

However, you are only likely to have an account on our service and LMS site.

If you bought a course, coaching service or a CV redo or other document review service, or books, or package this will generally have been purchased on our main services site which is

If you have purchased coaching you will also have a separate form of account on our Booking Application.
If you have purchased our CV Builder you will have a separate account for access to this as well.

4. Can’t Remember Your Password?

You can easily reset your password for either our shop or courses site by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password?” link.

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